I love the days when the shopping malls have open until midnight. I know it's silly, but I think it's so much fun! Unfortunatley I did not have a good day, but I was set on going shopping. Haha! It becomes clear that I don't have a life when I get like a child on christmas eve when the stores have open until midnight.

We did not buy anything special, but I bought a super tasty and creamy smoothie. Lucky for me, the ingridients was written on the menu, and Huy was nice enough to make it for me today. I'm gonna get so hooked on this one, I'm telling you. You guys have to try it, it's soooo creamy and nice.

Creamy smoothie

- One avocado
- One, or two, mangoes
- Half a banana
- Vanilla milk (Huy used one from Alpro) until you get the nice and creamy consistence.