Line drove to Oslo yesterday and I've been so sad ever since she left. Luckily it's not so long until she comes back for a visit <3 It was food for my soul having her here. We really laughed from morning till night. And yes, we had pancaces for breakfast one more time :)

I've felt a bit empty ever since we got back from Barcelona. When I was there the surgery felt so close, but now that I'm back home it feels so far away. I'm so sick and tired of being in pain. Some days I feel like I'm going crazy and all I wanna so is cry. Not that it would help. I just have to make the best out of every day and think positive.

I've got some many thoughts that I don't know how to formulate into questions. I don't even know if it's worries or questions I've got. 

It's so hard when I have to do everything myself without getting no help here in Norway. Can you believe that no one even knows how to read my upright MRI scans here? Can you belive that abroad I've got serious neck injuries, but here in Norway my neck is "fine" and that I have diagnoses that don't exist here? It's really frightning.

My thoughts are with those who not have their answers yet, those who is in the desperate situation of not knowing. I really wish I could help all of you. My stomacks drops everytime I read about a car accident. Because if the people involved expirience pain in the neck afterwards they face really though battle agains the norwegian healhcare system.