When you forget things


I forget alot of things all the time, my short time memory is so bad. I really hope dr. Gilete is right when he says that it will improve after surgery.

I never expected anyone to read this blog when I started the fundraiser. I was not planning on writing a blog at all, but my swedish angel Lisa highly recommended it. Lisa is the reason I came in contact with dr. Gilete in the first place and I'm forever grateful. I read about her online and I felt I was reading about myself when she described her pain. She have been through the exact surgery that I'm having and she's doing so great! Lisa has a big heart and I'm so happy that she's had surgery and is doing so well!

It feels weird to "complain" about something when so many great things are happening, but I have to be honest with you guys. I'm in terrible pain these days. My neck was so loose last night that I did not know what do do. It feels like I'm in prison. I sit here inside everyday, there is not much I can do.

Over to something great: there are many people who wants to donate bottles here in Grenland too! It's so great and I'm really happy about it. Hope this continues <3

Today Bruno has sorted all the bottles with some help from Daniel and Peter. Thank you so much, guys! You are amazing!

They spent two hours sorting norwegian bottles from swedish ones, and all together it was... hold tight: 9 full bags of swedish bottles and 60 bags of norwegian ones! I'm in completely shock. Moss: I love you! And Bruno, you are a true superhero. Not only did he do all this for me, but he got two beautifull hats from a lady that he is auctioning off: