When strangers get in touch


In the newspaper today! :)

I see it as an amazing thing to get in contact with people who are in the same situation as me who needs comfort or is seeking some advice. Or maybe they just find comfort that we are all toghether about this. I feel honered that you all are willing to share your story with me.

Yesterday I talked for over two hours with a nice woman who is in the same situation as me. It's so many sad stories out there. She said "I got in touch with you when I saw your eyes, they are filled with pain just as mine". After seeing my video on YouTube it dawned on her that this is probably the eay she have to go to. She had many questions and was very worried. We had a long and good talk.

Many of those who have neck injuries tell me how much animals and the nature means to them. It's the same with me. Not only Ariel and the piggies, but animals in general. I feel we notice the small thing in life when we dont have all the big thing s to keep oss occupied. If that makes sense. I cry everytime I see a bird making a nest. I get so touched by it. Today I fed the birds outside and I saw one of them fly away with some of Ariels fur in it's beak. With out thinking about my neigbour standing not far away, I said out loud "oh hi there birdy! Are you bringing wool for your nest?".

Last night someone transfered 4000 NOK to my fundraiser. I thought it was a 0 too many, but turned out it was not. Did a stranger really transfer so much money to me? I struggled to find a way to say thank you that really showed how thankful I was. I had to take a screenshot when the person replies. It was something in the way he wrote it, it really moved me: 

"I know all too well what pain is. I'm crossing my fingers for you. When I saw your cry for help I started to cry. All I've been through came crashing before my eyes"

That feeling in those words. It was the same feeling I had when I read about Trond Erik Teigen for the first time last year.

Akkurat det der. Akkurat sånn følte jeg det når jeg leste om Trond Erik Teigen første gang i fjor.

But no one heard his cry for help before it was too late.