When pancakes is the only answer


Huy drove to Moss yesterday to visit family, but before he left he made me the most amazing american pancakes. Orange, chocolate and frosting. Thanks so much, Huyms!

Lately I react badly to everything I eat but some days pancakes is the only answer. Whatever it takes! Yesterday was a pancanke kind of day.

Anyway. A few weeks ago I got in contact with a lovely woman who wanted to know more about my story and how I made the decision that surgery is the right thing for me.

Her neck is injured too, but the does not have the opportunity to travel to get Upright MRI scan. I cried because I wanted so badly to help her. If i had the money I would pay for her trip and scan. It's so important to have a diagnose, so she can plan what to do next. Getting treatment by "specialists" here in Norway can make things even worse. I feel so frustrated, I know all to well how awful it is to not know.

Thanks for all the lovely messages, I really appreciate it! It means the world to me.