When everything hurts


Today is one of those days where everything just hurts. It's not the worst of the worst, but it's still bad. When I went to bed yesterday I had severe migraine and I finally was so exhausted that I fell asleep. Luckily the migraine was gone by the time I woke up, but neck pain and pressure in the head was absolutely killing me. So I ended up here in the sofa as usual :) It's not like I sit here and complain all day, I'm used to this, but I dream of days where the pain could ease off a bit. It would have been magical if I could geat a few minutes each day without pain.

I'm very grateful that I'm not pressured into to being anywhere or that I have to go anywhere.

When I was working part time in a shoe shop in my early 20s, the three hours at work was excruciating. Although I loved the people I worked with, customers and shoes (hehe) so the pain was so terrible I can not describe it. Looking back I cant understand how I got through it. I was often swollen and the pain was burning in my neck. I often cried on the bus home. This was a difficult time for me and I felt very alone. I met little understanding from even some of my closest, and I felt really very weak. Looking back, I've never been stronger. 

I think about every single day and I'm so thankful for the situation I'm in today considering that I did not have to go to work.