TV 2 published the story about me!


I'm not really sure where to start this post, but I think it's only fair that I start with a big THANK YOU!

Thanks a million to Kjersti Johannesen who reached out, met up with Huy and I on Gardermoen airport and now published the story about me on TV 2. I'm lost of worlds! When she reached out I could not believe it and I was sooo happy. 

During the interview on Gardermoen she was so professional, easy to talk to but also a really warm person. This story she did on me deserves so many thank yous, so many with neck injuries wrote me and said that it's so amazing that Kjersti really tells our story how it is. So thanks alot! Thanks for helping not only me and my fundraiser, but all who are neck injures in this country, by beeing more noticed.

It feels surreal to see myself on the frontpage of today. At the time of writing 877 have "liked" it, 145 people have shared it and around a 100 people wrote a comment.

Read the story here

I also wanna say a big thank you to Bruno Larsen.

Bruno is a childhood friend of Huy, and he got in touch when I saw the TV 2 article. He really engaged in this case and he's already been in contact with people he knows, so he is really doing a lot to help me. In just in a few hours he collected a bunch of puttles to recycle. Huy just got a photo of Bruno and to others, and they've filled a CAR with bottles! 

Thank you so much, Bruno. Thank you for taking your time to do all of this. You can check out his post here.

Many people already donated via vipps, bank and paypal, I thank all of you! The fundraiser account has not yet been updated because it's easter. So I'm eager to find out next week :)

I hope as many as possible will donate so I can get closer to my goal of surgery.

I really shout get some rest, but I'm so happy reading all the comments and messages from you so  :) There are so many wonderful people out there!