Tuseday and a visit to the dentist


Oh my what an amazing weather it's been today! I tried to find a shorts I could wear before Huy drove me to the dentist, but I had to settle for jeans. We don't have a wardrobe yet so everything is a mess.

I completely forgot about my apointment at the dentist today, but luckily I got an SMS from them. I took some painkillers today too becuase we where stopping by some shops on our way home. Anyway, everything went fine! :) 

Our dinner today was soo good! Noodles witg organic veggie "chicken", bean sprout, cucumber, several types of mushroom and curry. Yum!

This copper prince is 2 years today! Happy birthday, Basse boy! He is the cutest little thing who gives kisses on command. Not kidding! Such a clever little piggy who has been through alot. We have Basse thanks to Tine and Andreas at Sandefjord Zoo marsvinoppdrett og omplassering. I highly recommend to check them out! Tine was voted "animal friend of the year" not long ago and they do such an amazing job for both guineapigs and stray cats to mention a few. They rock!