Tomorrow is a new day


Every night when I go to bed I feel happy. I'm happy that the day is over and that I got through it. Even though I might cry and I have pains that no one can imagine, I'm happy behind the tears. I'm happy that tomorrow is a new day that I always hope that will be better than the previous day.

The truth is that tomorrow is just the same as the day before. Just as painful and hopeless. But deep inside, I'm happy.

It really means the world to me when people write to me and tell me that they follow my blog and that they wich me all the best. That people find comfort in what I'm writing and that they can relate. It gives a purpose and meaning to my life that I've never known before. It makes me really, really happy.

When Huy and I talked to the journalist on Gardermoen, she asked us if we talked alot about the neck injuries and in what scale it effected out everyday life. I told her that it has completely taken over our life in every way. I don't get any new impulses and I never expirience anything new in the way people normaly expirience things when they study, go to work and are having a normal life. All I really have to talk about, is the injuries or things related to it. I'm fully aware of it and I get tired of listening to myself. I always feel a way of anger when I talk about it, it should not have to be this way. I should have more to talk about.

I feel that I still can talk to people without being weird. I'm try to learn and keep updated by watcing the news and watch documentaries about everything between heaven and earth. I don't waste my life on a bad comedy.

My mission and goal for each day is to clean the piggies' house, fill up with greens and give them fresh hay to times pr. day and take Ariel for walks. It's painful for every move I make, but I need to have something to do each day. I need to feel that someone needs me. I sound like a child, but these small things gives me the feeling that I've done something nice. The best feeling I know is when Ariel and the piggies are happy, I love them so much. My dream is to take Ariel for walks in the mountain again. I really hope that I will get the chance to expirience that with her again.

Today I've done my job. I've cleaned the piggies' house and I've taken Ariel for walks. Other than that I've not done anything. I've been in so much pain. I know that I'm not weak, but I feel weak. I'm so much stronger than my body allows me to be.

This is a rough day but luckily the hours go by fast.

Soon the night will come and I can get some sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day. I hope that it will be brighter and better than the day I leave behind.