I went never got to sleep last night, which led to me waking up really late this morning. It was not a great start of the day at all and I cried for a while in Huys lap. Everything just felt so hopeless and the lack of sleep did not help at all. Don't remember if I mentioned it, but Huys work is up and running again and he is luckily back at work. Before he left for work to day he hid a kvikk lunch, a norwegian chockolate in my neck brace and made me dinner <3 Thanks so much, Huyms!. 

My head was hurting and I was about to go crazy by the thought of spending another day sitting inside. I decided to try to take Ariel for a walk. It was so amazing to be outside! I told Ariel to make the decision of when it was time to turn around and go back home. We had a lovely walk and we'd never taken that route before. When Ariel found a path that led back home, she showed the direction.

So all in all this was a nice day indeed. I'm in a bit more pain now after the walk but it was so amazing being outside. I miss being in the nature like that. It's something magical about it. We saw so many beautiful birds and we even saw to rats! :) Great day.

The fundraiser have been a bit quiet lately, I'll have to step up the game and think of ways to reach out to people. I hope you all will help me spreat the word. I'm so sure that we can do this together.

The fundraiser have now reached 90.277 NOK! :) 

My boys <3