Time in the garden


Huy have been tidying in the garden today and he had to move some stones that surrounded a flowerbed years ago. When he lifted the stones several earthworms appeared and Huy almost gets anxiety when he see them. When I looked out the window around 16:00, I could see him lifting the stones as carefull as he could because all though earthworms is the worst thing he knows, he does not want to harm them. I went outside to help him by picking the earthworms up and relocate them to new homes :) I felt like a vampire going out in the sunlight, haha! 

After a few minutes Ariel started to bark and wag her tail, and around a corner there was a lady who came to deliver bottles for us :) Thank you so much! I forgot to ask what your name was, but I am so grateful. Very nice of you!

The fundraiser have now reached 200.000 NOK! We are almost half way to our goal now, that's so amazing! Thank you so much everyone!