The last few days


It's pouring down here today! I'ts a bit cosy to stay inside listening to it, but I rather with we had sunshine.

Monday was sunny and beutiful. Huy was busy tidying our garage and figuring out what we could throw away. All of a sudden he came and gave me this guy:

At first I thought he was dead, but after a short while he began drinking the sugar water I gave him :) Ariel and I played doctors for over two hours, haha! All though one of us, I'm not giving any names, at one point tryed to eat the paitient.

Yesterday the boys went to throw away all the stuff from the garage, so now it's really tidy and free from stuff we don't need :)

I've been really stupid by helping around the garden lately. It's so hard not to! I love trees and flowers, I would work in the garden all day everyday if I could. It's especially hard not to be able to do stuff now that it's summer when all I wanna do is to socialize and be a part of "everything". It's so hard to not live the life I want! If I could choose we'd be on out way to Germany on a roadtrip now, haha! I guess I'll have to wait a few years.

The frundraiser have now reached 212.089 NOK!