The last few days


I hope everyone had a lovely 17th of May togeter with family and friends yesterday! It was so nice to recieve snapchat pictures of beautiful people all dressed up and looking amazing in "bunad" :)

I did not want to post anything yesterday, because our 17th og May went by in silence. Not exiting to read about. Huy is from Moss and are used to eat sausage in waffle on national day, but when even the waffles turned out to be a disaster we realized that the day was really working against us, haha! Ariel decided to take matter in her own hands and make herself pretty by rubbing up against a flower. She was very pleased with the result :)

16th of May is one of my best friends' birthday and it's so sad to not being able to be there on days like that. We talked about it earlier today, that one of the worst things about this injuries is that they are stopping me from living my life and doing what I want. It's not a good feeling at all.