The day that changed my life forever


It felt like any other day.

I kept looking out the window to see if i saw the car. My bestfriends mother where driving us to school and her older sister tagged along. They where always running late, but never that late that we missed school. 

As a child I always did what my friends did. I did not like the role as a leader at all and I felt safe in their shadow. We did not always but on the seatbelt on our way to school, it was not so strickt back then as it luckily is now.

"Do you have your seatbelt on?" I asked.

"Yes" my friend said while nodding her head.

I fastened mine too. If she'd said no I wouldn't have put it on. That choice would turn out to be the factor that saved our life that day, because minutes later it happened.

Our car stood still and had the flash sign on blinking to the left towards the grocery store. The car behind us did not realize that we stood still and smashed straight into us. We got thrown over in the other lane where we got hit my another car. The car stood spinning and we started to scream.

I remember the horrifying pain in my neck and my head. I remember my thoughts where just a big cloud and I remember the glass everywhere. First I thought I had grains of sugar in my eyebrows, but I quickly realized it was glass when they piereced my fingertips.

People from the local grocery store came running out and I remember it was a lovely man who first came to see me. He had known me since I was just a little baby. He was about to cry and look worried. "Oh no, so sad that this should happen to you, Hanne. I'm so sorry" she stroke my cheek gently.

I got a phone so I could call my mom. I told here a we where hit by a car and that she had to come pick me up. I tried not to worry her. She came within minutes and she was really worried when she saw the crash. "Oh dear God, is it this bad?!". The crash was bigger than we knew at the time.

So maybe this morning was different after all. Maybe if I'd payed enough attention, I'd know. Maybe I'd felt it in the air. Maybe the birds who sang tried to tell me.

Or maybe it was just a day like any other day, who turned out to change my life forever.