The day from hell


I've always been honest eith you guys and I dont she any reason to stop now. I want to show my ups and downs, and I know that it's important because many people are in the same situastion. The same pain and despair.

I'm never going to forget this day. This has been the worst day of my life and I'm sure that it came straight from hell.

Buss from Porsgrunn to Larvik. Train from Larvik to Oslo. That does not sound too bad, does it?

It all started when Huy got really sick on the bus. I sat alone with Ariel in the front of the bus and she was so stressed when she noticed that Huy was sick. She wanted to go back to him and it was so stressful for me to try to calm her down.

We got omboard the train and I was already a wreck. My neck was unbelievable painful and nothing helped. It did not help to sit down, stand up and even the neck brace did not help at all. When the train left the station Huy went to the toilet to throw up. When he got back I bought him a soda with the hope of it to help a bit. When he opened it, it explodet everywhere. Over hos clothes, on the walls and all over the floor. Ariel was barking and I was so stressed and in a lot of pain. Everything was so horrible.

Huy måtte springe på toalettet og der var han i 2 timer. Han hadde spydd og spydd. Stakkars :( Han blir så utrolig dårlig av tog og buss. Jeg kunne jo ikke gå for å hjelpe han med noe heller, jeg måtte sitte med Ari. Og hun var urolig kontinuerlig i de to timene når Huy var borte. Når hun er urolig blir jeg helt i ubalanse og når jeg hadde så ekstreme smerter var det ingen god kombo. Jeg snakket med to utrolig hyggelige damer, det hjalp jo veldig på, men jeg hadde mest lyst å hoppe ut av toget å legge meg på togskinnene.

Huy kom ramlende ut av toalettet når vi ankom Drammen. Han var likbleik og krøyp sammen i setet. Ariel ble enda mer stresset.

One of the few minutes Ariel got some rest on the trip, she sleept on a girls shoes.

Huy had to run to the toilet because he was so sick and he stayed there for twho hours. He had been throwing up so much, he gets really sick by riding bus and train. I could not help him in any way because I had to sit with Ariel. And she would not rest at all for the two hours he was in the toilet. When she's like that I get so stressed and with my pain this was not a good combination.I talked to two lovely ladies, wich helped alot, but for the most part I wanted to jump out of the window and end it all. 

Huy came pale and sick from the toliet when we arrived Drammen. He crawled down in his seat and Ariel got more stressed.

When we arrived Oslo it was a few short minutes to the hotell. I felt the tears comming because of my pain. When the reseptionist told us that they don't allowed pet friendly hotel. I threw of my neck brace and started to cry. 

I almost could not stand and I clinged to the desk where the reseptionist sat. Huy was calm and said "this is going to be okay, I'll fix this!. Tears and snot came running and I could not think straight. Ariel was barking. "We have to go, Huy. I can't to this. I really can't do this, we have to go" I cried. Huy was still calm and told me to take a seat and he could take Ariel. "Give_me_Ariel" I screamed like an animal. 

I went out and sat town in the middle of the street. Ariel gave me her paw and I cried like crazy. A man stopped and said "oh no, what happened here?". I showed him a smile behind my tears and told him thank you, but that it was okay. He started to walk and I said thank you one more time. It was really sweet of him to stop.

I went back inside to Huy. I sat in a corner and broke completely down. I could not control it at all. Huys phone is broken and mine had a flat battery. Huy got to borrow internet from the poor reseptionist on the non pet friendly hotel and he found a new hotell not far away. Twice as expencive, but what else could we to?

I lost count of how many strange looks I got when I walked to the new hotell.

When we arrived the hotell a sweet reseptionist asked me if everything was okay. All I could answer was "I'm just in so much pain".

I sat down with Ariel, we had to wait for out room to be ready. Huy came over and took my hand. I could see his lip quiver. He started to cry. He tried to breath calm, but it did not help. The tears came bawling on us both. "Oh no, I can't handle you crying, it's the sadest thing to watch. Are you tired? Have you had enough?"

I thought he was sick and tired of me, but all he said was "I'm crying because it's so hard to see you like this with these horrible pain".

They gave Ariel a doggiebed in the room and Huy and I collapsed on the bed. We hugged and cried for a long time. "This is the worst day of my life" I said. "I'm so sorry for the way behaved and that I let my pain talk. You don't deserve this at all. You are the last person I should be angry at. I'm so, so sorry. That you kept calm even though you where sick and stressed today, I can't believe it. Can't believe you maneged to be strong for us both today".

We hugged and cried. After a while I got really startled by a sound I heard and we started to laugh. "I never thought I'd laugh again" I told Huy.

I hope "God morgen Norge" are good on makeup, because here they have a real difficult project.