The car filled with bottles to recycle


A big thank you to Joakim who was one amongst many who shared the recycle bottle post wich lead to his boss, Lin, (who don't even know me personally) shared and tagged people she knew in our area. In under 5 minutes she git me in contact with a lovely woman named Karin, who told me that they had maany bottles that Huy could pick up and recycle to get money for my fundraiser. Lin has posted and written about me, and tagged many friends telling them about me - thanks so much for everything, Lin!

And a big thank you to Irene and John John who gave us to large trash bags filled with bottles!

We are planning on putting notes with information about my need for bottles to recycle, in peoples mailboxes in the area, haha, that sounded a bit silly :) But I hope more people will donate their bottles :)

I tagged along because I was exited to find out how much money the recyceling would earn, but I doubt I will tag along the next time around. You would not expect that putting bottles into a machine would make a girl have to lay down afterwards, but here I am. If I go next time I will just watch Huy do the job :) One thing I leard is that if you're not quick enough putting bottles into the machine, the machine prints out the reciept with your money by itself, ha-ha! 

The recyceling earned the fundraiser 652 NOK!

The fundraiser has now reashed 85.955 NOK!

Getting close to 100.000 NOK! So crazy.

Thanks so much, everyone!!