Thank you, God morgen Norge!


It was a strange, but good, feeling to walk through these doors today. I'm so thankful for this opportunity.

Together with me in the studio I was accompanied by politician Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen. Everyone at God morgen Norge was so friendly so there was nothing to be nervous about. I can't be anyone else than my self, so there is nothing to pretend or be worried about. It was such a nice expirience and I'm so happy that I could share my story. I really don't know what to say, because I'm still in a positive shock. Thanks, TV 2!

To see the clip, click here

After we where done in the studio, Tone offered to be our guide on the Norwegian Parliament! I've never been there and it was such a nice expirience for me. I felt I was walking on holy ground and I really loved it. When I say the beutiful paintings of our King and the Kings before him I almost got emotional. I love our King! Tone, thank you so much for great conversations and a lovely day. 

After the tour in the Parliament we went straight back to the hotel to get some sleep. Thanks to a lovely woman who worked at the hotel we got a late chesk out and coold have our room until 14:00. She was so cute and had been so worried when she saw the state I was in the day before. I think her name was Frida, so thank you Frida! 

After the nap I grabbed a coffee with Kjersti. She met me in the hotel lobby because I could not  walk around in the streets because of my pain. That's so annoying, I would love to go out to a cool café, but I unfortunatly had done too much that day to manage that.

If I'm being honest I feel so strong and proud of what I've done today. I can't understand how I managed to get through everything. But if I'm going to be heard, i have to puch myself. And in the end it's worth it beacause I help get foucus on everyone in Norway with neck injuries.

I hope this is just the start, I won't back down.