Thank you for all the response


Thanks so much for all the response I got both today and yesterday.

There are so many nice people there out there! From feeling  alone for many years and not being believed, until now being met with so much support, it is an absolutely indescribable feeling. This gives me the faith that everything will work out.

And so many who spread the word about my case, I'm so happy! I am very excited that TV 2 publishes several stories about people with neck injuries, it is so great that our stories come to light and that people hear about us. I'm waiting for a phonecall from you, healthcare minister Bent Høie! :)

  • Reard about Evy Mette who had to travel to Iran to get help here 
  • Read the tragic and sad story that about Trond Erik Teigen here
  • You can read about Thorleis Næss who went to court against Haukeland  here
  • And if you want to read my story do it here

I can not log off because I want to answer everyone and keep up to date on everything that happens, so I do not rest as much as I might should have, but it's so fun that there is so much talk about my case! :)

Amazing Bruno has been driving around today as well, collection bottles, and he managed to fill yet another car! In two days he has picked up 45 plastic bags filled with bottles. He told us yesterday that he'll not stop until I'm under the knife! :) Hehe!  He has really become our own Özil who is a great assist. I've never met Bruno, but I'm looking forward to feeling better and that we can take him for dinner and hug the hell of of him :P

I have had a journalist visiting today as well, and I hope that the story is out tomorrow already! I'll keep you posted.

Thank you <3