I've been able to stay outside in the sun the last few days! I'm so happy about it :) It goes up and down like evrything else, but I've not had a headache today.

Today was an ok day where I was able to function (I took painkillers), but today has been worse. Now I'm relaxing in bed.

We saw the movie "Silence" last night. I really wanted to see it because one of my favorite actors, Adam Driver, is in it. I did not know that Andrew Garfield had the lead role, but that was a huge plus. I'm so picky in what movies I watch that I get tired of myself :P Huy gets tired of it too, haha! He never gets to decide what movie we're going to see.

Thanks so much to one of my besties, Trude, who recycled a whole bunch of bottles yesterday! And thanks to all of her neighbours who donated bottles.