Those of you who follow me on facebook already know, but yesterday something really beutiful happened. I got a text from my big sis where she told me that the son of someone she know sold lemonade, waffles and coffee to raise money for my surgery. He raised 509 NOK and sat there for three hours! How amazing is that?! His name is Colin and he is just the sweetest boy ever. I still can't belive he would do this for me. I'm so, so thankful. I will never forget this, Colin. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I've been laying around in the garden all day while Huy have done alot of work around here. It's beginning to look so nice here now, I will post pictures once he is done :)

I fell a sleep very late last night, but when I finally did I slept sooo good! Amazing feeling. I've been eating tons of ice cream and have finished a whole bottle of mango juice today :P 

Happy boys!

Hope you all have had a lovely day in the sun!