Recyceling, visit and a new interview


Yesterday the interview in Raumnes newspaper came out and you can check it out here 

Vi have had people over today, but unfortunatley I can't say anything about it at this point. I will update you guys when i can :)

Huy had time for a tript to recycle bottles today so there are not as much bottles left here now, I almost feel a bit sad, haha! I hope we get more bottles the next few months. If anyone has any good ideas about how to reach out to people please get in touch. Information in peoples mailboxes so far has not been a hit, but it has been a huge hit to post in "trade and sales" group on facebook like Bruno and we have done. If anyone wants to take on that job where they live I would be so grateful! Yes, it's a bit of work it will raise so much money in only a few days.

I've re-done the boys' house and they got so exited and happy! The best feeling ever is when Ariel and the boys are happy. 

Psst! For those who may wonder, I got my neck brace in Barcelona. But it's also available on e-bay, just search for Vista neck brace / Vista collar.