Ready for Oslo


We are ready for Oslo and TV 2 tomorrow. We travel today beacause we have to meet so early tomorrow morning, so we are staying one night at hotell. A hotell where we are allowed to bring animals. Yes, Ariel is joining us :) Hehe! It was difficult to find a dogsitter on short notice, but that's okay, she is so used to travelling and it won't be any problem. 

I'm going on the air around 07.40 - 07:55. So fun to hear that so many are going to watch! Be prepared for tired eyes, tomatoface and maybe some tears.

Our car broke down a few weeks ago so we have to take the train. This leads to more pain for me, it would be so much better just to sit calm in the car all the way to Oslo. As long as I got Huy and Ariel by my side this will go just fine. 

Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Thank you all for being so supportive!