Proof of life


Hi everybody,

I'm so sorry that I've been so bad with updating you latley. I'ts been some rough couple of days. I can't separate the days from eachother and everything has just been a big ball of pain. One of the last few days, can't remember wich one, I was in bed all day and I was not able to eat or drink. It was like my body just shut down. I tryed walking down the stairs, but I had to give up and return to bed. When the night came I cryed my eyes out in despare. Luckily the next ady was better and I was able to drink water as soon as I got out of bed.

We got guests here on Wedensday, it's so nice to have company here in the house.

My doctor gave me some mild painkillers I was ment to try out for some weeks, but as soon as I took one tablett my right eye doubled in size. It was so swollen and blue, I was not able to open it. Looked so crazy! This happens when I try medicine that I'm allergic to. It usually lasts about 24 hours. So strange!

A big thank you to Irene, John John og Nhi for donating bottles! We have not been able to recycle all of them yet, but Huy recycled some of them yesterday and we got 324 NOK for them. Thank you to all of you who donate bottles on Sotra as well, and last but not least a big thank you to by big brother and his family who recycles all of them.

Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!