People that care


On my birtday something amazing an unexpected happened. 

Ingrid, who is the sister of my friend that also was in the car accident in 98', had a fundraiser on facebook that lasted 24 hours. For every like she got on her status, she would donake 1 NOK and for every comment she was going to donate 5 NOK. A friend of her named Marius, who does not know me at all, wrote that he would donate the same amount that she would. So kind! Thank you so much!

Here are some photos of bithday cards from my niece, nephews and my bestie Trude that I recieved in the mail <3 Thank you so much, it's so fun to recieve things in the mail! :) I feel so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life. People who always are there for me and who refuses to give me up.

I also wanna say a big thank you to Tine for being so magical and kind, and congratulate her with the award "Animal friend of the year" from the animal shelter. In my next life I wish to be a guineapig living at Tine and Andreas' house.