Pain and silence


Everything is so quiet today. Such a contrast to everything that happened lately.Alt er så utrolig stille i dag.

My god these neck injuries are so painful. I can't believe we can put up with them from day to day.

Several people with neck injuries have contacted me and said "You looked so good on God morgen Norge, I'm in more pain than you are". That is so hurtful. What difference does it make how we look? That's the seem problem I've had since I was 11 years old, that I've been judged because I'm "young". Because young people can't have neck injuries (?!). You who don't belive that I'm in pain need to reed up on my diagnoses. I'm living in a hell filled with pain, but I work so hard to make a difference. Everyone tooks good after 30 minutes makeup done by a proffesional.

It's ca. 18 hours between this pictures was taken. Same neck injuries, same pain.

Yesterday was a day that I could not do anything at all. I did not even go out to breathe some fresh air. I sleept for hours and hours today as well, but I managed to walk around in the backyard when I got out of bed. I could not make myself look in the camer or force a smilie. My face is filled with pain.

Its so quiet when it's quiet, when nothing happens.

My breakkie this morning :) I react so badly too food. I think my body is all messed up because of the neck injuries.

I want to give a big thank you to Henriette and here parents who has given me a lot of bottles to recycle lately <3 And Alexander who sat bottles outside our door this morning! And last but not least a gut from Larvik named Andreas who drove here with 2 big plastic bags with bottles! Sooo kind of you, thank you!