Out of function


I want to start off by saying that the fundraiser has now reached 54,237 NOK! How crazy is that?! Thanks to everyone who donates money to my case. Thanks to all of you I'm one step further on getting the surgery I so desperatley need. Thank you!

I'm on the verge of getting a small shrine with a picture of GP on top of it, so I can worship him. Haha! He is absolutely amazing and takes so good care of his patients. I'm so grateful for his support.

I spoke with an old classmate today who could relate to not being taken seriously by doctors and so called specialists. She also had a GP who is on her team and it was so good to hear! I hear too often about those who do not. She also talked about us who have been through these battles, we know ourselves in a unique way, and I could not agree more. That's actually something I find positive by having these injuries, I learn to know myself and my body very well. I'm honest with myself and I know where my limits. And last but least, we who suffer like this are often misunderstood, we are seen as weak and lazy, but we have a strenght that no one can imagine. It took me a long time to realize.

What I was going to tell you was that I went to my GP yesterday! I almost could not sleep the day before, because I was so exited about getting out of the hose. When I turned the raido on yesterday morning and the beautiful voice of Kristian Kirstensen filled the room, I got convinced that my luck for the rest of 2017 ran out. I hope that's not the case.

I told Huy yesterday: "how lucky I am that I've seen other people today!"

The good feeling did not last long because I forgot my neck brace at home. So I literally had to hold my neck in place with my hands. When I tryed to let go it felt like my neck and head would collapse.

Huy had an apointment at the hairdresser so I tagged along. All in all it was amazing to get out of the house, but I'm paying the price for it today.

I told Huy yesterday: "how lucky I am that I've seen other people today!".

It sounds a bit sad, but yesterday gave me so much. I don't think everyone who reads this really appreciate the fact that they can be social and be amongst other people. But you should. Appreciate the small things in your everyday :)

Today I will switch on laying in bed and on the sofa. Luckily I have the the best company in three furry friends, and one friend without fur :)