On my way to meet dr. Gilete!


We are about to drive to Gardermoen airport any minute now :) My heart skipped a beat on Friday, I got a text saying our flight was cancelled! Luckily they rebooked us to a later flight the same say. What a relief!

Huy drove to Sandefjord yesterday, to drop of the piggies at Tine and Adreas' house. I got a phonecall when he was there, that the car would'nt start. I thought to my self that my dad could probably fix it over the phone and sure enough I was able to drive home with some help from Tine, Andreas and their neighbour.

The problem came when he got home and we tried to start it again. It would'nt start. Just our luck! Irene and John John came and tried to help but the car did not want to start. This just couldn't have come at a worse timing!

Tine was so amazing that the offerd to drive from Sandefjord to Porsgrunn to pick us up, and then drive us to Gardermoen Airport in Oslo <3 So incredible kind of her! Thanks alot, Tine! You really saved us.

I have no worries about seeing dr. Gilete tomorrow. It's just so much easier to ask questions when you actually see the person and not only talk over the phone / e-mail. It's just a consultation, so it's nothing for me to worry about at all.

See you in Barcelona! :)

Thanks so much to Tine for taking care of the boys, and a thank you to Henriette for taking care of Ariel while we're away <3