My consultation with dr. Gilete


We took a taxi to dr. Gilete around 10:00 today and the consultation was around 11:00. He was indeed a really nice man, skilled and last but not least willing to answer all of my questions. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He confirmed that i have Atlantoaxial instability (AAI) and Cranio cervical instability (CCI). I will write and explain all about CCI here ho the blog on "about my injuries" shortly. 

On the pictures below you can see the hospital.

Dr. Gilete explained that when I move my head from side to side there is a pressure on my brainstem. I have more movment where my head and neck are connected than what's normal. Normal movement is between 0-1 mm, maximum 2 mm and I have 6,4 mm. When I turn my head and hear a "click" and I feel that my neck can't support my head, that's actually true and what's happening.

He told me that surgery is my only option and that my condition only will worsen over time. Our neck has 7 cervical vertebraes: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7. I'm going to have a fusion of C0 (the head) and down to C4. I will losse aprox. 80% of the movment in my neck. I will not be able to move my neck like before, but that's a small price to pay in order to expirience less pain that I live with now.

After the consultation we took a taxi to an orthopedic to get a propper neck collar. For me it's still a love/hate relationship to wear a neck collar, but it feels great that the neck is more stabile when I wear them. 

It was difficult to get a taxi from where we were so we decided to walk the way back to the hotell. It went okay and we had a stop for cake and churros on a café.

Dr. Gilete mentioned that I have the characteristic "CCI eyes", and I thought it was funny he should mention this, because this is something that is really bothering me. It's quite the difference in mye eyes in my better days and my worse days. The eyes look so tired and are almost all closed, especially my left one. I often tell Huy that I can see the pain in my face, and dr. Gilete confirmed today that this is normal. You guys can see the eyes on the pictures of me today, it goes without saying that I'm in alot of pain, but I am so happy that I've finally met dr. Gilete :)