It's about something bigger


Many people wonder why it is not possible to get help here in Norway. This is a natural question to ask. If you do not know anyone with neck injury in this country,  you probably don't know the fact that we are not being heard. We're actually totally ignored and forgotten.

We can not go to the doctor and expect understanding and we can not be referred to specialists with good knowledge. The fact is, that in Norway there is no knowledge about neck injuries at all, and they claim they don't exist. Upright MRI machines are not being used and the can not be located. And if we refer to the Upright MRI images from abroad, no one has the skill to read them. The surgeries we so desperatley need is not provided.

The knowledge and the willingness to learn is not there. We are offered a psychologist and are going in a loop in a system that does not offer help.

This must end.

People take their own lives because they can't stand to live a life with so much pain. How long will this continue?

I must add that I'm one of the lucky ones, who has a  GP who supports me and is on my team. It means a lot! For it has not always been the case.

Please stand by us, help us get a voice and be heard! Click on the image below or HERE to give a "like" on my post on the norwegian health minister's Facebook page.

Maybe he'll answer?