I'm in Varden today!


Picture: Tone Lensebakken / Varden

After Kjersti Johannesen published this story about me on TV 2's websites, I have received a lot of attention. Several neck injuries write to me and thank me for opening up about my case. I'll say again: It's a so great for me to know that you can find comfort in what I'm writing and for you to not fell alone. I'm thinking of all of you <3

Thank you very much to Tone Lensebakken from Varden who came to visit us yesterday. So great that more people wants to write about my case! I really appreciate that. You can read the case here. (It requires login, but for non-members, it only costs 1 NOK for one week's access without membership)

Picture: Tone Lensebakken / Varden

Our superhero Bruno has been on the road today as well. I can't thank him enough. He filled a car today as well! Thank you so much to the people of Moss! :D You are all so kind.