I can not believe they're still here


Trude, Line and Kristine. The trio that never gave up on me. Even though I might have been the worst friend in the world at times. I can almost never be there and take part on the fun. I often had to cancel. 

They've always understood, even when I did'nt have any diagnoses and the doctors said it was all in my head. I can't believe they're still here for me. I really don't. They've always been so supportive and amazing.

I remember so well when i lived in Bergen, Trude came and took Ariel for walks when I coudn't. Line came to pick me up when I couldn't get out of bed and Kristine who traveled to Oslo with me for treatment. When I told them I had to get a neck fusion they where not critical og negative at all, they where like: "can't wait to dance like robots with you at the club". I really won first price in the friend lottery <3

I'm having a rough couple of days and today is no exception. I spent hours to get of bed and I can't even describe the pain. I've been laying flat on a mattress and I've been eating tons of chocolate.

I'm still trying to figure out how my neck brace is most comfterable, but yesterday I put it on so tight that I got a headache. I remembered around 18:00 that I did not have a single drop of water all day, that certainly did not help. Haha!

Happy easter, everyone <3