I can never grow old with this pain


I've often said that. That I'll never grow old with this pain. I don't think people can imagine how strong they really are. And if we don't recive any help, where does that leave ut?

More and more people with neck injureis take their own life. Not being believed, not recieving help. The pain is not possible to live with forever. I get that.

I've always had a light within. A little light that in a way told me that things would turn out fine. If it would not turn out fine, I'm afraid I also would have given up. I'm hopefully having surgery and that's what keeps me going.

Jeg sitter konstant og holder på et smertepunkt, sånn som på bildene her. Det hjelper jo ikke, men det har alltid vært sånn oppgjennom at når jeg har veldig vondt så holder jeg hånden sånn.

Next week there is an article about me that is very strong and maybe a bit dark. I tell about a turning point in the interview. A turning poing where I knew I had to fight to be heard. I hope people understand it and that you guys don't think I'm depressed or anything. Not that there is anything wrong with being depressed! It's just that I'm not

I try to make people understad how these injuries can make a normal person break down and I tell about the one person who made me realixe that I had to fight. This was a man who never was heard and he did not get help in time.

I want to fight for all people with neck injuries! And with all the positive feedback I get it's a job I'm more than happy to take on.

My neck is a mess there days. Huy has two days off now and we are having Henriette over for dinner. I'm so looking forward to that!