Home sweet home


Yes, I'm covered in Ariels fur. She has some problems with her fur / skin, I hope it will get sorted very soon :) Poor baby.

I'm in a strange mood today. Everything feels so hopless and strange. Huys work went bankrupt and that does not help our situation. I have many thoughts and worries, but I know that everything will turn out fine in the end.

The travel from London yesterday went far better that the travel to London, but I'm already dreading the trip to Barcelona. It's really a struggle for me to travel. Luckily it's a few weeks until we have to do it again. And I know that the trip there will be worth all the pain.

On our way from the airport yesterday, we stopped to pick up the boys at Basses breeder, Tine. She is so lovely. She is so kind and does such an amazing job with relocate and helping guineapigs. It's nice and strange at the same time, how some people come into your life by coincidence and they turn out to have such a hughe positive impact. They have so many cute pets, amongst them the mini pig Ida. The is suck a character! So cute and funny :) She was not all that into saying hi to us, but she thought is was a great idea that we gave her a good rub. When she got an apple she ran away do her little cosy place outside. Haha! I feel so happy whenever I'm there. 

My dad was so sweet to put up skirting boards while we where away, that was really nice. I traveled back home early this morning but I hope he will come back soon :)

I have to lay down and rest now, but later it's pancakes and "Nytt på nytt" on the menu. It is just me or has Nytt på nytt gotten ten times funnier when Bård Tufte Johansen took over the show?

I hope you all have a loveley weekend! :)