Home alone


Thank you all for all the support and feedback on our story in Se og Hør! 

And thank you to Michelle and her boyfriend who donated bottles yesterday <3 Huy recycled them right after he picked them up and we got 100 NOK for them, thank you!

Huy just left to visit friends and family in Moss and he gets back on Sunday. He prepared food and everything for me before he left. He really is the kindest person ever <3 Thanks, Huymu! I really wanted to join him, Henriette alreadly said yes to look after Ariel and the piggies, but I had to accept that I could not go. I cryed when I talked to Huy about it, and even though he understands, I know he would like me to come along too. It would just have been too much traveling and people for me. I hope I can travel to Moss soon, it's always so nice to be there.  

Hope you all have a nice weekend!