Good and bad days


I was planning on giving you guys an update yesterday but I had a bad migraine so it was not possible. I have a love/hate relationship to sunny summerdays. I kept pushing myself yesterday to stay outside in the sun, but it totally backfired and gave me migraine. It's weird, because some days it's okay and other days the sun is piercing in to my eyes.

You would think that Ariel would stay inside in 22 degrees, but we almost did not get her inside for the night. She would just lay in the grass and during the day the moved back and forth from the sun and the shadow. I hope we can get a fence here in the near future so she does not have to stay in the leash. The leash is super-long, but it's not the same as beeing free :) She is so kind and stays in the garden, but she might have walked over to the dogs next door and start a fight.

Friday was the most amazing day. Henriette picked me up and we went to see her horses. She is so kind and her horses are just she coolest and sweetest ever. I know nothing about horses but I love being around them. Kongen and Gnist <3 

I mean look at them! Best day ever. So nice to smile and be happy <3 I wish I could live there, hehe!