Going back home tomorrow


The card reader I use to transfer pictures from my camera is gone missing, so I can't transfer any new pictures. I will use some of the ones I took the first day instead.

It would not have been much to show anyway, because we've not been up to much. I've had a lot of migraine since we arrived and yesterday we spent alot of time at the hotel. Today is a better day and I hope it will stay like that on the way home tomorrow.

The hotel has a great location but it's a lot of noise outside from morning to the night, but in a weird way that's very nice, because it feels like I'm part of something fun, ha-ha! :)

It's a vietnamese restaurant right next door from out hotel, so we hope to check that out later today :)

I'm looking forward to get back home to see Ariel and the piggies, we've recieved uptates with pictures from both Tine and Henriette, it looks like they're really enjoying themself. It's funny, cause Ariel does not like to go for walks these days, but if she gets to ride in a car all the way to the forest, she goes bananas and is super happy to be in the forest :) I can understand her, it can't be nice to walk in the streets all the time.