Finally home


I'm in more pain when I travel and I feel a bit ashamed when I'm amongst other people when I experience a lot of pain. I wonder what they think of me. Some people ask me, but others just stare. I feel that I got fought my way through the day and I luckily got some sleep on the airplane.

We actually had an interview nn Gardermoen airport yesterday! :) It was a really nice meeting and the journalist was very kind. For some reason I forgot to mention Ariel and when Huy started to talk about her, I totally lost it. I cried and cried. Beautiful Ariel. Before Huy, there was only her. She's been there for me all the way and she takes so good care of me. I'll tell you guys moe about the interview when I know more :)

Tine waited for us at Gardermoen when we where done with the interview and she drove us safe home. It was so great to see both Ariel and the piggies, the family is finally reunited :) I lay flat out on the floor as I write this, and I plan on stay here for as long as it takes. My bestie Line comes to vitit later and she'll stay till Sunday. It's gonna be so amazing to see her again! :)