The fundraising page is up and running


The fundraising page is up and running, and I'm both exited and scared. What if no one wants to help me?

I hope with all my heart that you who read this have the opportunity to donate some money and spread the word about the foundraise.

I have a made facebook page called hjelp hanne med å få nakkeoperasjon in addition to this page.

Click in the menu or here, if you want to donate an amount of your choice.


A few days ago I told Huy: "Imagine if I can go to the grocery store alone in the future, when you are at work, and picture me carrying a heavy bag of milk home!". He laughed and said "not even I do that". And that's a valid point, we don't even drink milk.

It's great for me, just to have some kind of meaning in life, usually it's so quiet. Now I have a purpose and I have this blog that can make the days headed for surgery go by a little faster.

I will update as often as I can, and I hope you will follow me in this journey toward the surgery I need.

Hope you guys are cheering me on! :)