Counting the days


27th of March Huy and I are trevelling to Barcelona to see the surgeon and I'm really looking forward to that. The surgeon, dr. Gilete, have seen my Upright MRI scans and told me what surgery he recommends. It's important to have good scans and personaly I preferd MRT München and Andreas Fôrg.

Recently I talked to a woman who worried alot about travelling abroad to get Upright MRI. I can relate to that. The MRI itself is harmless, but it can be very painful for us suffering from neck injuries. I highly recommend to bring a travel companion. It's also good to have someone there when you gett he answers from the doctor.

When you book your flight, tick of the box for assistanse on the airport. This helps alot! When I was not aware of this option prior to travelling to Medserena in London last year. It helps alot and makes the travel og a little easier when you can sit in a wheelchair. 

Many of you write me on Facebook and ask me about what dr.Gilete charge to look at the scans. He charges 3000 NOK for this. It can seem like alot of money, but it's normal for surgeons to charge around 3-5000 NOK. If you get dr. Gilete to review your scans and write a medical report, this costs 375 € (this is what I did in Dec 2016.)

A consultation face to face is 200 €, butt his is reduced if you've donet he step above first.

I have to spend in an apartment (or hotel) near the hospital about one month after the surgery so I can get on frequent checks. This is not something I as a patient decide. Rent apartment comes approximately 50 000 NOK. 

I will know more when I meet dr.Gilete and I will keep you posted