I'm so drained of energy and I'm not feeling too good. Yesterday I didn't get out bed before 4 pm. And I slept on and off during the day. Today I got out of bed around 3 pm, not that it's any better, but at least I feel a bit better. Huy just made me my favorite brekkie: "pappas ostesmørbrød" wich is toast with cheese, eggs and lingonberryjam on the side.

Last evening I felt a bit better, and after watching "4-stjerners middag" where they served "naboleonskake" I really felt the need for a piece myself. It's the best cake ever! And I ate it like I was in a hurry.

I want to send a big thanks to my bestie Trude for all the recycling she does <3 My bestie Line is selling clothes on Tise, check her out on @linesofiesteinfinsboe på Tise. Thank you so much, girls! 

My amazing big brother and his family does an amazing job with recycling a crazy amount of bottles each week. Thank you!

A special thank you to an absolutley super star that have donated 10.000 NOK for my surgery. THANK YOU <3