We arrived i Barcelona safe and sound. Can you guys imagine that Tine drove us all the way to Gardermoen airport today? So unbelivable kind of her. I don't know what we'd do without her. Huy slept in the backseat and I think he was very happy not to drive for a change. 

The trip went okay this time all though we had to wait quite a while for assistance in both Oslo and Barcelona. The waiting itself is okay, it's just so annoying to be dependent of others. The woman who came with my wheelchair was really nice and she made sure we got first in line at the check in so we could board the airplain first. It's so nice when they take their time to do that, because people become like wild elephants when it's time to chek in.

It was no trouble at all finding the hotel and it's in a really cosy area. We just had something to eat and my plan is to relax the reast of the evening. I'm already in bed hoping to get some sleep, maybe I'll be up for some churros later :) We'll see.

I will update the blog after I see dr. Gilete tomorrow. Thank you all for all the kind messages lately. Hope you all are having a nice start of the week tomorrow :)