Amazing night


Huy and I was invited to a barbeque last night. I woke up by a nightmare that I overslept (?!). Haha! It was a real bad nightmare too, I woke up and was all sweat and my heart was racing. That says a lot about how much I was looking forward to the barbeque.

It was barbeque and a preparty, because the others where going out alfter. Huy bought me a good bootle of organic apple juice and I was good to go! Haha. I have made a decision about not taking painkillers on a regular basis. But when the pain is too much to bare, what options to I have? Exept my nephews' confirmation last year, I've not been in a social setting like this for years. I chose to take painkillers to make it through last night. And it was so worth it!

I know Huy enjoyed this night just as much as I. It was not all that when we had to go home when the others where going out, but this night was just so amazing for me. Amazing for us.

I was soo happy when we got back home because oh my lord it was so amazing to be amongst other people! I feel I repeat my self all the time, but to be able to laugh, have fun and get to know other people is not something I get to do every day. Okay, maybe I should not have shared the fact that we had to houseflies living with us from the summer to october last year, haha! Rest in peace, Frank and Robert! 

"Is this life?" I asked Huy when we got back home.

We went straight to bed, but Ariel refused to go inside. So she woke me up early today at 07:30. I was up for a while and cuddled with her before I went back to bed. I cried happy tears. I may sound stupid to others but I cried because I was so happy about last night. The tears was a mix of both happy and sad. Sad because it's been years since the last time. I dawned on me how fast life goes by while I'm just sitting here.

Wait for me, life. I'll get there soon!