Alone again


We are alone in our house again, but it's only one week before new guests are checking in. It's been so nice with guests, but it's so annoying that I can't take part of everyting. Everyone knows the reason and I know they understand, but I just don't feel like myself if you know what I mean?

I joined everyone a a café visit and out to get ice cream last thursday :) So that's amazing. My big sis got me hooked on frappé. I don't like coffee, but I love everything that tastes like it. Haha! Frappé was soo good <3 

It's so warm here now that it's unbelivable! Ariel has been laying flat out by the garage. We had beautiful Henriette here yesterday, and we watched a movie about a dog. I cried mye eyes out. Haha! It was so sad, you guys have no idea. I'm not over it yet.j

We just got back from a nice walk in the woods with Ariel It's a year since I was able to to that last, so I'm begining to believe that the painkillers really does work. Nothing would make me more happy :)

I want to say thank you to and old classmate named Vibecke. She, her mother and several people they know recycled bottles and donated 2650 NOK to my surgery. Thank you soo much! Another old classmate from 'folkehøgskolen' have made beutiful pictures that we are gonna sell. Update is comming :) Thank you so much, Tone!