About yesterday


Turning neck collar in this way looks very silly, but it makes my skull realx a little more and the neck is slightly more stable. It helped me I survived the trip to the vet yesterday.

Ariel got some meds for her itchy fur, so we hope she will feel better soon. Huy got praised for brushing Ariels teeth her every day, no infection or any nastyness in the gums. A small tooth was loosened so it must be pulled in a few weeks. She is turning 10 this summer so it's only natural that her age is starting to show.

It was such a great feeling to put on something else than jammies and feel the sun burning on my back.

It is so nice for me to feel that I'm part of something bigger these days. I somehow feels that I'm not as alone as I usually am. I now realize how isolated I actually live, I'm not that much in contact with the outside world.

Imagine if one day I can get a taste of a life without pain?