A very nice and suprising visit


I don't know where to start on this post, because I've never had such a nice and suprising visit from somehone before. Right after Huy and I ate dinner a car drove up outside. Huy and I did not understad who it was and we both went outside. I did not realize who it was at first, but it turned out that it's a woman named Hege that I've had a lot of contact with the last few months, but never met before.

We have had hourlong conversations on the phone and today she drove to see me. I was so happy I nearly cried!

She brought juice and strawberries and she had prepared a beutiful little bag with gifts for me. So unbelivable kind of her! I also got wild flowers <3 I felt it was my bithday! I got the perfect pair of sunglases, a sleep mask, a gelmask that can be cooled or heated, a nice hairband and a magazine. I was soo happy! Thank you so much, Hege. That you came to visit was the best thing that could have happened.

As you know it's not often I have spontaneus and lovely days like this, so it was such a nice day for me. 

Hege had green fingers and knows all there is to know about plants and trees, so I always ask her if I have question about something garden related :)

I did not want this beautiful sould to leave, it will not be long before Huy and I visit her, that I'm sure of :)

Btw, I was at an apointment with my GP today! I completely forgot to tell you guys. I he is so sweet, always so understanding and willing to lissten. He wants me to try out some new painkillers and Huy was kind to pick them up on the pharmacy earlier today. I will take my first tablet today, wish me good luck :)