A big donation!


Some times I feel that everything just stops and nothing really happens. I feel that it's been hard to keep my spirit up after the trip to Oslo. As my good friend Kari says: "remember to take care of yourself in all of this". And that really is true. Yes, I will keep fighting, but I have to take care of my self along the way.

But then out of the blue amazing things happen. A journalist calls or I recieve a nice text. Yesterdat morning I got the biggest shock so far: 

Two very generous people got togehter and donated 45 THOUSAND NOK to my fundraiser! 45.000,-! Can you believe it?! That is so much mulig. It's so unbelivable! Sooo kind of them! It helps a lot, WOW! I'm so happy right now.

I'm forever grateful. Thank you so, so much. It feels unreal! :)

(I will update on the fundraiser tomorrow because Huy has collected sooo many bottles that he will recycle today.)