A battle


I'm not sure how I got through this day. We had to drive from Porsgrunn around 0230 to catch our early flight for London and Huy had only slept an hour. I already knew that this would be a rough day because my pains where intense before we even left the house.

When we arrived at Gardermoen airport I got assistance from a lovely who had a wheel chair for me. Without this help I would never ever could have traveled. When he waved us goodbye I started to cry. I was in so much pain and I felt like such a fool. I cried when we showed our boarding card and I cried when we got on the airplane. How will I survive this day.

When we arrived at Gatwick we where met by a lovely woman who asked if my name was Tran. Close enough, I said. I almost fell into the weel chair and I was so thankful for not having to walk another centimetre. The undergrond is another story. There was no vacant seats and I sat down on our suitcase. I closed my eyes and tryed to keep a posivitve spirit. I got many strange looks but I tryed not to let it affect me. Luckily there was a available seat the last part of the trip.

When we arrived at our hotel we had a quick bite and went straight to bed. And I'm still here. Huy will go out to bring some take away later, and we will try to have a nice time playing card and have a nice dinner.