About the neck injuries

I'm in pain 24/7. I recive no help here in Norway, and I have to get surgery in Barcelona.

Our neck has seven neck vertebraes. Together they support our skull, moving the spine protects the spinal cord and the springer many nerves of neck vertebrae that are connected to the brain.

All seven cervical vertebrae are numbered, and C1 is the topmost, closest to the skull. C7 is the bottom.

C1 or Atlas, the top neck vertebra that carries our head. It is ring-shaped and rotates around the axis.

The top of the atlas forming articulation with the occipital bone.

C2 or Axis, is the second top neck vertebra. It has a "tooth" (dens-axis) protruding fortil forming articulation with atlas.

Together atlas and axis a pivot joint for neck and head.

The surgery

The surgery is done by fuse C0-C4 with screws, bars and harvest bone. This will limit the movement in the neck by 80%, so I will not be able to do yes and no movment after the surgery is done. 

By having a fusion the pain will be significant less because the movment is limited and this stops pressure on the upper cervical spinalcord and the brainsteam.

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