Alone again


We are alone in our house again, but it's only one week before new guests are checking in. It's been so nice with guests, but it's so annoying that I can't take part of everyting. Everyone knows the reason and I know they understand, but I just don't feel like myself if you know what I mean?

Hi everyone


Ariel can play too when she's in the mood for it :) Haha, my sweet old lady <3



I love the days when the shopping malls have open until midnight. I know it's silly, but I think it's so much fun! Unfortunatley I did not have a good day, but I was set on going shopping. Haha! It becomes clear that I don't have a life when I get like a child on christmas eve when the stores have open until midnight....



I just got out of bed. I know that Hege will be reading this and feel it's her fault for visiting yesterday, but it has nothing to do with that at all :) I'm just low on energy this week, that's all :) I'm sure I will feel better soon.

I don't know where to start on this post, because I've never had such a nice and suprising visit from somehone before. Right after Huy and I ate dinner a car drove up outside. Huy and I did not understad who it was and we both went outside. I did not realize who it was at first, but it turned...



I'm so drained of energy and I'm not feeling too good. Yesterday I didn't get out bed before 4 pm. And I slept on and off during the day. Today I got out of bed around 3 pm, not that it's any better, but at least I feel a bit better. Huy just made me my favorite brekkie: "pappas ostesmørbrød"...