I've been able to stay outside in the sun the last few days! I'm so happy about it :) It goes up and down like evrything else, but I've not had a headache today.

Home alone


Thank you all for all the support and feedback on our story in Se og Hør!

A while ago Bjørn Haakon and Morten from the norwegian magazine "Se og Hør" came to visit us! :) I had to keep it a secret, but now the magazine is in the stores. I actually did not know that it was out already, it's been in the stores since Tuesday.

It's pouring down here today! I'ts a bit cosy to stay inside listening to it, but I rather with we had sunshine.

I'm not sure what the cause is, but yesterday and today I've been so tired that I've struggled with keeping my eyes open. And it's so boring with Sundays and holidays! Makes me crazy just thinking about that everything is closed :P Look at this tired face?!

Proof of life


I'm so sorry that I've been so bad with updating you latley. I'ts been some rough couple of days. I can't separate the days from eachother and everything has just been a big ball of pain. One of the last few days, can't remember wich one, I was in bed all day and I was not able to eat or...